God’s Voice Leads Me to Welcome The Second Coming of Jesus(Part-2)

9 min readAug 23, 2019

The Lord Has Returned

The next day, on March 12, I was harboring vague expectation and inexpressible excitement in my heart the whole day. The night before Susan fellowshiped with me about the Son of man and Incarnation. Although I could connect them, and by reasoning I knew that the Lord Jesus is the incarnate Christ, I really wanted to know the answers to the questions: what is incarnation, what is Christ, on what basis we confirm that God has become flesh…. However, Susan and I both had work to do in the daytime so that we only had the spare time at night. Hence, I quite wished time could run faster.

At last the evening came. After we were online, I raised my first question: What is incarnation? Sister Susan sent some sections of the word to me and let me read it. Thus, I read: “The meaning of incarnation is that God appears in the flesh, and He comes to work among man of His creation in the image of a flesh. So, for God to be incarnated, He must first be flesh, flesh with normal humanity; this, at the very least, must be true. In fact, the implication of God’s incarnation is that God lives and works in the flesh, God in His very essence becomes flesh, becomes a man” (“The Essence of the Flesh Inhabited by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “The incarnate God is called Christ, and Christ is the flesh donned by the Spirit of God. This flesh is unlike any man that is of the flesh. This difference is because Christ is not of flesh and blood but is the incarnation of the Spirit. He has both a normal humanity and a complete divinity. His divinity is not possessed by any man. His normal humanity sustains all His normal activities in the flesh, while His divinity carries out the work of God Himself” (“The Substance of Christ Is Obedience to the Will of the Heavenly Father” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “He who is God’s incarnation shall hold the substance of God, and He who is God’s incarnation shall hold the expression of God. Since God becomes flesh, He shall bring forth the work He must do, and since God becomes flesh, He shall express what He is, and shall be able to bring the truth to man, bestow life upon man, and show man the way. Flesh that does not contain the substance of God is surely not the incarnate God; of this there is no doubt. To investigate whether it is God’s incarnate flesh, man must determine this from the disposition He expresses and the words He speaks. Which is to say, whether or not it is God’s incarnate flesh, and whether or not it is the true way, must be judged from His substance. And so, in determining[a] whether it is the flesh of God incarnate, the key is to pay attention to His substance (His work, His words, His disposition, and many more), rather than external appearance” (Preface to The Word Appears in the Flesh). After I finished reading, I thought that these words clearly elucidated the mystery of incarnation. Their definition of Christ as “The incarnate God is called Christ” was especially simple and clear and really wonderful! Even though I had believed in the Lord above ten years, I just knew that Jesus is Christ but did not all along understand this aspect of the truth and mystery — why it is that Jesus is Christ. Only through these sections of the word she sent to me today did I understand that the incarnation of God is called Christ, that Christ is God’s incarnate flesh. I carefully pondered these words, and the more I pondered them, the more I was enlightened …

Later, Sister Susan told me that this is the word of Almighty God, that God’s word is the truth, and that only God Himself can express such word. When she mentioned the two words of Almighty God, I was a bit shocked but not too unexpected because I had guessed before that she might be a member of The Church of Almighty God. I had also seen a few rumors about this church on the Internet, but as a Christian, I thought I should have a heart of fearing God. Before I became clear about the truth of the whole matter, I should not draw conclusions lightly on anything lest I might sin with my mouth and offend God. Moreover, in the past few days I was mulling over this: I have talked online with Sister Susan several times; though I didn’t see her appearance, the truth that she fellowshiped could solve my puzzlement. Judging by these last conversations and her online posts that I have read, I think she and Qi Fei are quite sincere, gentle, and kind, and their fellowship has allowed me to gain so much. In the Bible it’s said that we can know trees by their fruits, and every good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit. As a result, during the contact with Sister Susan and Sister Qi Fei, I had already put aside the doubt and guard in my heart. Thereupon, I asked Sister Susan to continue her fellowship.

Sister Susan said: “Since it is God’s incarnation, there will be God’s expression. That is to say, God will make the utterances of His word. The incarnate God in the last days is mainly for the purpose of expressing truth to judge, purify, and save mankind. All those that can hear the returned Lord Jesus’ voice and seek and accept Him are the wise virgins who will go with Him to the wedding feast. This fulfills the prophecy of the Lord Jesus: ‘And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes; go you out to meet him’ (Mat 25:6). The wise virgins hear the Lord’s voice and come to greet Him; unknowingly, they are raptured by the Lord before the throne to come face to face with Him. They accept God’s judgment, purification, and perfection in the last days and through the judgment by God’s words, they have experienced purification and change of their corrupt disposition and are perfected by God into overcomers before disaster falls. Now is the stage where Almighty God comes in secret to do His work to save and perfect mankind. When a group of overcomers have been made, the work of God’s incarnation and secret descent among man is complete. At this time, the calamities will visit upon earth, God will punish the wicked while rewarding the good and then openly appear to all nations and all peoples. That will then fulfill the prophecy of the Lord’s public descent on earth in Revelation 1:7: ‘Behold, he comes with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.’ Logically speaking, when man sees the Lord appearing to all peoples in public atop clouds, they should be overjoyed, and yet this scripture says that all kindreds of the earth shall wail. Why is this? This is because when God finally appears in public, the salvation work of God’s incarnation during His secret descent among man will already be complete and God will have started His work of rewarding the good and punishing the evil. Then, all those that rejected God’s secret work will have completely lost the chance to be saved. Those that pierced Him, which is to say, those that resisted and condemned Christ of the last days, Almighty God, how could they not beat their breasts in despair, wail and grind their teeth, knowing that the One they resisted and condemned is the second coming of the Lord Jesus? So that’s how the scene of ‘all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him’ will appear.

After I listened to the sister’s fellowship, the satisfying and excited feeling reappeared in my heart. Originally, in the sect I did not understand these scriptures at all; I just understood them in accordance with their literal meaning, thinking that the Lord would openly descend with the clouds when He returned. Now I finally saw that God first descended in secret to do the work of judging and saving mankind; after God made a group of overcomers, He would appear publicly to all nations and all peoples. If we thought as before that the Lord would return by descending in public upon a cloud so that people could all see Him, then when that day came, it was the right time when we went to hell, because the work of God saving mankind would have been complete then. Oh! Thanks to the Lord’s leading, in this period of time, through Sister Susan’s fellowship, I understood a lot.

Afterward, the sister asked me whether I was willing to accept Almighty God as my Savior. When she asked me for the first time, I gave no answer. When she asked me again, however, an ineffable feeling touched my heart and my eyes moistened with tears, I then answered in earnest: “Yes, I do!” Having said this word, I felt like a prodigal who had wandered outside for so long and finally returned to the warm home. My heart was joyful and at ease in particular …

Disturbance of the Pastor

After I accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days, I forwarded some posts of Sister Susan. Soon after this, five or six of my Facebook friends sent me messages to tell me to be careful. They also sent me a few websites attacking, condemning, and smearing The Church of Almighty God. I knew that this was Satan’s disturbance so I was not influenced in my heart. The following day, when I was online, a pastor started a conversation and talked a little with me, and then he asked me: “Have you believed in Almighty God? Why did you believe in Almighty God?” Having heard this, I was very angry and asked in reply: “God’s sheep listen to God’s voice. From Almighty God’s word, I have recognized the voice of God and that all the words expressed by Almighty God are the truth. Why can’t I believe in Almighty God? Why!” He might be unexpected that I could retort him so that he did not reply for a while. Upon this, I continued asking him: “Pastor, have you examined the work of Almighty God in the last days? Have you read the word of Almighty God? As a pastor, why did you judge and condemn it at will without seeking and investigating?” I never thought he could only hem and haw for a bit and then get offline in a hurry. His embarrassed situation made me unspeakably happy, and I tasted a kind of pleasure of overcoming the temptation of Satan. In fact, all that I did was apply some questions that I had discussed with Susan and other sisters, and say a little about my knowledge of the word of Almighty God. I didn’t expect that the true pastor should be stumped by my questions. This slight experience gave me great confidence. Thank God!

My Desire

So far more than five months have passed. Through attending gatherings and reading God’s word, I have understood many aspects of the truth, for example, what incarnation is, what kind of person can enter into the kingdom of heaven, and so forth. During the time, I was disturbed by many rumors that pastors and elders spread and sometimes became passive and weak because of being unable to see through Satan’s scheme, but God was always with me. Through God’s word read by sisters and the truth they patiently fellowshiped, I became confident again, and could have some discernment of people and events from the perspective of the truth. Looking back, I can feel that I became stronger every time when I picked myself up after staggering and tottering. God’s word is right; I could come before Almighty God — this was arranged by God long ago, so I should move ahead calmly. After I returned to God’s family, the first song I learned was the hymn of life experience “Walking on the Right Way of Human Life”: “My everything is from God and is completely God’s grace. God bestowed life and brought me up; it is right and proper to repay God. My fate is in God’s hands and I can’t control my life or death. The true human life is to strive hard and live to satisfy God. …”

Thank God! It is really nice to return home! Now, not only do I write posts on the internet to spread and bear testimony to the word of Almighty God, I also preach the gospel. I am willing to do my best to perform my duty, and repay God’s love!

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