Seek the Holy Spirit’s Work Through Religious World’s Desolation — (Part One)

12 min readMay 9, 2018

By Zheng Yan

Cheng Huize found a strange phenomenon: The faith and love of the believers in the entire religious community is diminished. They crave the world and their hearts of following the secular world become stronger and stronger. Though they are physically in the church, they have no inclination to seek the truth and life. These signs fulfill the words of the Lord Jesus: “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12). However, only the situation of a church is totally different. That is the Church of Almighty God. Now the Christians of the Church of Almighty God are full of confidence and various testimonies and videos are published on the internet continuously. She realized that the Church of Almighty God has the Holy Spirit’s work and it could well be the church of the returned Lord Jesus. But the atheist CCP government and some leaders of various denominations furiously condemn and blaspheme Almighty God and His church. Regarding these phenomena, Cheng Huize and several co-workers set off a discussion. Lack of space, this article will be serialized in four parts.


Cheng Huize: Since our church started to have no working of the Holy Spirit and became desolate gradually, I have deeply felt uneasy. As a worker of our church, I’m responsible for the desolation of our church. I couldn’t turn a blind eye to it. So I visited some Three-Self churches and house churches in order to seek the Holy Sprit’s work. I found many strange phenomena and saw that all churches are desolate like ours. I’ve thought a lot about that. The way I see it: The desolation of the church is because the religious leaders only focus on explaining Bible knowledge and theological theory but do not bring true supply of life to brothers and sisters and do not make them grasp the root of the Lord’s words. So the churches have lost the work of the Holy Spirit and the faith and love of the believers have become gradually diminished. It is totally caused by the religious leaders having taken their own path and having betrayed the Lord’s way and this is the main reason why the churches are desolate. What’s most pathetic is that the churches have been so desolate without any Holy Sprit’s work but those religious leaders actually have no sense of crisis. They not only do not reflect on their deviations and their evil deeds of betraying the Lord’s way and resisting Him, but also do not seek the work of the Holy Spirit. Instead, they fanatically judge and condemn Eastern Lightning. They have made resistance of Eastern Lightning into the central work of the church and the topic of sermons and fellowship every day. So I feel this is a serious violation of the Bible. In doing this, they are really deviating from the Bible, betraying the Lord’s word, and committing outrages! Because the Bible says nothing that condemns Eastern Lightning. These religious pastors and elders keep saying that we must always act according to the Bible, but why do they themselves betray the Bible, stray from the Lord’s way, take the path of the Pharisees and resist the Lord? It’s really unbelievable!

Zhao Liang: Yes, I also find that. I remember that when the Lord Jesus came to work, those chief priests, scribes and Pharisees also condemned and resisted the Lord Jesus just like today’s religious pastors and elders condemning and blaspheming Eastern Lightning. What happened in the end? That the CCP resists and condemns Eastern Lightning is excusable, because the CCP is ruled by the atheistic devils who are all evil spirits that hate the truth more than any other. The CCP is really the evil regime that acts against God. The religious leaders are all people who explain the Bible and serve God. But why do they not explain the Bible or bear witness for God carefully, but frantically attack and condemn Eastern Lightning, not attending to their own proper duties? Isn’t it a strange phenomenon in religious world? It seems to be an evil tendency. It is absolutely not a normal phenomenon!

Lin Shuyan: Since you spoke of this question, I have to say something about it. These days, I have also thought about this matter. In China, the evil things keep emerging; in the religious community, all kinds of heresies and fallacies also keep emerging. But the religious pastors and elders pay no attention to that, much less the CCP government which only cares about looting from its people, scrambles for power and position, and has never mobilized the citizenry to condemn and denounce all the corrupt high officials and criminal syndicates. Why is the CCP so “fixated” on Eastern Lightning? In order to attack, suppress and ban Eastern Lightning, the CCP starts a spiritual war. It is also an ideological war, that is, the battle between the CCP and Almighty God. The CCP even threatens that “Troops would not have a day’s rest in eliminating the Church of Almighty God.” It not only employs the nation-wide media to create public opinions, but also deploys a large number of armed police to suppress, arrest and persecute Eastern Lightning. The religious pastors and elders also work closely with the CCP to frantically condemn, judge, discredit and smear the Church of Almighty God. I have observed this matter carefully. Not a single word said by the CCP and the religious world is true, and their words are all rumors, slanders, and malicious fabrications, because the Church of Almighty God doesn’t break the law or commit any sins. So I think there must be a problem here! If Eastern Lightning really were an organization without any truth, the religious world would not take notice of Eastern Lightning and the CCP would not raise a ballyhoo to start the spiritual war. This mattershocks not only mainland China but also the entire world. The commotion of this matter is too big. It must have a direct bearing on God’s work and appearance!

Cheng Huize: What you say makes sense. The religious community has never shared abitter hatred of the world’s evil forces and trends, much less has denounced them together. The crimes the CCP has committed are innumerable, they frantically suppress, arrest and persecute Christians, and engaged in sinful acts — labeling the Bible as an evil book, confiscating and burning it, and dumping carloads and shiploads of the Bible the overseas churches carried to mainland China into the ocean. When faced with all of this, the whole religious world just has no response. And there is no religious leader or pastor and elder that openly denounces, reproaches and reveales the satanic regime, much less dissectsgreat red dragon and reveals the evil CCP’s perverse, heretical, God-opposing, and reactionary substance according to the Lord’s word and the prophecies in the Book of Revelation. But why do they start the unprecedented crazy condemnation of, resistance to, judgment of, and blasphemy to Eastern Lightning? What’s going on here? This matter is too abnormal! As a Christian, I have considered it for a long time and made a conclusion: China is a country ruled by the atheistic devils and the country that extremely hates the truth and regards God as the enemy. Unless Eastern Lightning is the appearance and work of God, the religious community and the satanic CCP won’t oppose and condemn Eastern Lightning so strongly. This situation is absolutely the same as that of the Lord Jesus being nailed to the cross when He appeared to work two thousand years ago. This is indeed very thought-provoking!

Wang Xiao: Mm. It might actually be this reason. I also find that the CCP regime’s persecution and condemnation of house churches and religious figures, and especially of Eastern Lightning is indeed extraordinary. In mainland China, the CCP regime’s resisting and condemning Eastern Lightning is widespread and it has become a spiritual war and an evil trend. This is indeed abnormal. This is a strange phenomenon!

Dong Xiulan: Many people also feel it so inconceivable about the religious world resisting Eastern Lightning so furiously, because in the religious world, there are many heresies and various heretical fallacies keeping emerging and no one has ever treated them carefully. But why is the entire religious world faced with the appearance of Eastern Lightning as if they are faced with a formidable enemy? Why does the CCP treat the appearance of Eastern Lightning as the foreign aggression, eagerly mobilizing its nation-wide power in combat readiness, condemning, attacking, judging, smearing Eastern Lightning madly, and even threatening that “Troops would not have a day’s rest in eliminating the Church of Almighty God,” which simply becomes a war? Why does Eastern Lightning have such a great deal of charm? Is Eastern Lightning really so frightful? Eastern Lightning is not an army and has no weapon. Eastern Lightning is just a large home church. Why is the CCP so frightened? This matter is simply unable to be interpreted by man. It can only be said that Eastern Lightning must have the truth or must be God’s appearance and work so that the entire satanic camp condemns and resists Eastern Lightning so madly. It forced me to have to seek and investigate Eastern Lightning. After reading much information on Eastern Lightning website, I finally found out that actually Eastern Lightning isn’t organized by men and the believers don’t get involved in politics in the slightest. They just bear witness to Almighty God’s appearance and work and spread all the words expressed by Almighty God, which make the CCP and the religious world feel so panic and frightened. The Eastern Lightning believers publish all the words expressed by Almighty God on the internet and let various denominations investigate. They just bear witness to God’s appearance and work in this way, but why are the CCP and the religious community so hostile? It is really unbelievable!


Lin Shuyan: I’ve also read some words of Almighty God on the internet, which indeed shocked me and opened up my eyes. Almighty God’s words indeed have authority and power, and have revealed many mysteries of the Bible which are mysteries of the truth that people can’t understand in the religious world. No wonder the religious pastors oppose and condemn them so madly. It is just because Almighty God’s words indeed all come from the Holy Spirit, and no one can express them. I also find that the majority of Eastern Lightning people are those who once were ardent believers in various denominations. In the meetings, what they read is Almighty God’s word and what they fellowship about is the topic of entry in life. The truth they fellowshiped about in various videos and movies they’ve produced is very thorough and convincing. I dare not say Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, but I’m certain that Almighty God’s words all come from the Holy Spirit and the Church of Almighty God really has the Holy Spirit’s work. Otherwise, the believers of the Church of Almighty God couldn’t produce such good movies and videos of hymns. The religious world has existed for two thousand years, and yet it has never produced such good videos and movies. This is a widely acknowledged fact. Eastern Lightning really has the work of the Holy Spirit, has God’s blessings and is much better than the religious world. Everyone who has investigated Eastern Lightning acknowledges this fact.

Co-worker Li: By the look of things, we following the pastors and elders to judge and condemn Eastern Lightning in the past was wrong. Now we should come to Eastern Lightning to seek and inspect the true way. That’s the wise choice! If Eastern Lightning is really God’s appearance and work and we can study and accept, won’t we be brought before God’s throne to feast with the Lord? If we miss the chance of seeking and investigating, we will certainly be forsaken by the Lord and fall into disasters. Isn’t this the truth?

Cheng Huize: In fact, I’ve also studied Eastern Lightning for a period of time. What Eastern Lightning witnesses and spreads is the appearance and work of Almighty God. Studying Eastern Lightning is mainly by reading the word expressed by Almighty God. I’ve read a lot of Almighty God’s words and I felt much brightened within. Every word is very practical, is the truth, and has authority and power, just the same as the Lord Jesus’ word. Everyone has to be convinced and no spiritual giants and luminaries can speak these words. So I realized that we following the pastors and elders to condemn and resist Eastern Lightning in the past was wrong. The CCP regime says that Eastern Lightning is organized by men and does its utmost to attack and condemn this person, but it has never spoken out this person’s sinful facts, much less what things the Church of Almighty God has done excessively. Instead, it just attacks and condemns this person crazily and spares no efforts to discredit and smear the Church of Almighty God. Its real purpose is making use of attacking this person to cover up the truth that Almighty God, Christ of the last days, has appeared and is working, to change the focus and to make people not know the truth. It can be seen that the CCP is too cunning! In the name of attacking this person and speaking Eastern Lightning as an organization of men, the CCP actually wants to ban house churches and ban God’s appearance and work. They know that if they directly attack and condemn Almighty God, it will easily provoke the whole world and all of mankind to seek and investigate Almighty God’s appearance and work. Besides, they dare not deny the fact that Almighty God’s words are all the truth, so when they condemn this person, they barely mention the incarnate Almighty God or all the words He expresses. They are very afraid that the whole mankind will turn to Almighty God after reading His word. This reminds me that when the Lord Jesus came to work, the Jewish chief priests, scribes and Pharisees also said many words of judging and condemning the Lord Jesus. They said that the Lord Jesus was just a man, a Nazarene, and the son of a carpenter to cover up the truth that God had appeared to work, but they couldn’t speak out the fact of the Lord Jesus’ offense and still insisted on nailing Him to the cross. What’s the problem here? This is the evil of mankind, and is even the truth that the religious world resists God and acts against God. The CCP directly attacks and condemns Eastern Lightning, attacks this person, and doesn’t speak out their sinful facts. But why does it still condemn and frame Eastern Lightning and this person? Isn’t it the evil of the CCP? This is enough to show that the CCP is afraid of this person. This person must have rather powerful backing. So the CCP insists on putting him to death, and only by doing this could it achieve its evil intentions of banning house churches and God’s work. Am I right?

Dong Xiulan: You are right! Why does the CCP hate Almighty God and the man used by God so much? It is mainly because Almighty God has expressed many truths, has carried out the work of judgment in the last days, and has gained a group of people and many people have turned to Him. The man used by God just leads those God’s elect to experience God’s work and bear witness to God’s deeds, which has caused a sensation throughout mainland China and influenced the world. So the CCP is extremely afraid of Almighty God and the man used by Him. Apparently, this person attacked by the CCP is absolutely not an ordinary person. If this person is not from God and is not raised up by God, why does the CCP feel so panic and frightened, and even mobilize the nation-wide media and citizenry to oppose and condemn him? And why does the CCP not mention a single word expressed by Almighty God while it condemns and resists Eastern Lightning? Why does the CCP do its utmost to avoid the truth that God incarnate has appeared and is working? Don’t you think this matter is too strange?

Cheng Huize: Actually, this person condemned and attacked by the CCP openly is not Almighty God, but only a man used by God. Whom the Church of Almighty God believes in is not this person but the incarnate Almighty God. This person is only the witness of Almighty God. I’ve also read some of his sermons and fellowship, which have the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and are edifying to people. Whom he believes in and testifies to is Almighty God. He is only the leader of the Church of Almighty God, is the man used by the Holy Spirit, and moreover, is the witness of Almighty God. Why does the CCP extremely hate and attack him? Why does the CCP not dare to direct the focus point to the incarnate Almighty God? This is the cunningness of Satan! If people don’t study that, how can they see through the truth? How can they find that every word said by the CCP is a lie? The CCP is indeed too evil and maddening!

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