Review of Disclose the Mystery About the Bible: The Inside Story of the Bible

By Zhao Ming, Czech Republic

The Bible, written over a period of more than one thousand years by over forty authors, carries the highest authority in Christianity. It is regarded as a holy book without a scintilla of error, and also the basis for Christians to believe in God. Here, I’d like to recommend you Disclose the Mystery About the Bible, a movie which explores the inside story of the Bible from an objective perspective with original plot. If you want to have a thorough understanding of the Bible, it is definitely a wonderful piece that you don’t want to miss.

Feng Jiahui, the heroine of the movie, has believed in the Lord from childhood; she walks into the seminary full of passion at the age of 18 and becomes a highly respected preacher at a house church in Shanxi Province, China in her 30s. Having studied the Bible for more than twenty years, she regards the Bible as absolute authority in her heart and upholds the belief: To believe in the Bible is to believe in God; if we leave the Bible, we will lose life. However, as time goes by, her church grows emptier day by day, which makes her anxiously yearn for the return of the Lord. To solve the desolation of their church, she and her co-workers invite other preachers to give sermons, during which a brother invites Shen Zhongyan, a witness of Eastern Lightning to their church. However, believing that what Eastern Lightning preaches goes beyond the Bible, Feng Jiahui directly drives away Shen Zhongyan.

At the same time, Elder Zhuang Renjun, Preacher Tao Airong, and Elder Jia Chenglin in Henan and Hebei provinces come to Feng Jiahui, asking her to join forces with them in resisting Eastern Lightning, for they fear that no one would listen to their preaching if the believers all accept Eastern Lightning. In order to prevent the believers from investigating the true way and protect their status and livelihood, they attempt to deceive and threaten the believers by bearing false witness against Eastern Lightning. What is rare and precious is that Feng Jiahui, strictly obeying the commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” in the Bible, refuses to join them to commit such evil. Here, a heroine with a distinctive personality appears before us: Although holding onto her own conception, Feng Jiahui is still a Christian, a true believer in God, who can practice the Lord’s word in face of temptation; she serves the Lord zealously and bears great burdens for the church. All she has done is to maintain the status of the Bible, for she maintains that only by holding fast to the Bible can she gain life. From the actions of the heroine and other pastors and elders, we can see a common phenomenon in religious community: Many believers of the Lord value the Bible as higher than the Lord Jesus; many pastors, elders and preachers attach greater importance to status and wealth than to God’s requirements.

In order to defend the way of the Lord, Feng Jiahui flew into a rage every time she contacted the witnesses of Eastern Lightning. However, beyond her expectation, after listening to the fellowship and testimony of Shen Zhongyan many times, some of her co-workers like Zheng Yongming and Yang Chen come to realize that what Eastern Lightning preaches is exactly the return of the Lord Jesus and then accept Almighty God’s work of the last days. But Feng Jiahui, insisting on the view “Departing from the Bible means not believing in God,” still stubbornly refuses to investigate.

Later, though studying and expounding the Bible every day, Feng Jiahui still fails to solve the desolation of the church. Seeing this, she becomes anxious and worried. At the same time, she begins to feel a growing sense of darkness within due to her resistance to Eastern Lightning. Finally she falls ill and has to recuperate at home.

Then Zheng Yongming, Yang Chen and some other believers go to visit her, advising her to quiet her heart to listen first instead of condemning blindly. When they say, “Despite our obstructing and blocking in every possible way, they (which refers to Eastern Lightning) are growing rapidly,” Feng Jiahui’s heart is suddenly touched and she finally agrees to investigate the Bible with them.

Then they together explore many issues: How should we believers treat the Bible? What is truly gaining life? Whether are God’s words all in the Bible? Is anything that exceeds the Bible heresy? … When it comes to the issue whether there are errors in the Bible, Shen Zhongyan and his partner fellowship with her several passages of God’s word in The Word Appears in the Flesh combining with some verses in the Bible, making Feng Jiahui and the others know that there is an error and some mixtures of man’s will in Jesus’ genealogy written by Matthew.

Besides, in Matthew 26:75, it is said: “Before the cock crow, you shall deny me thrice,” while Mark 14:72 says: “Before the cock crow twice, you shall deny me thrice.” Apparently, there is a discrepancy between these two verses. Knowing this, Feng Jiahui is stunned. She never thought that the Bible with the absolute authority actually has errors. Heavily struck by this discovery, she begins to calm down to reflect, and communicates with Shen Zhongyan and the others with a friendly attitude. Here, through the true and objective explanation of the fact, the scenarist, while telling us audience the truth, provokes us into reflecting: How many truths are there still unknown to us Christians within the Bible? Are there errors in the preaching of pastors and elders?

After half a day’s fellowship, Feng Jiahui has a brand new understanding and a correct definition of the Bible. At the same time, she is sure that the words Shen Zhongyan and the others read in The Word Appears in the Flesh cannot be expressed by any man, for only God can fully articulate the mysteries within the Bible. At that time, Feng Jiahui is wracked with regret about her resistance to Almighty God.

In the movie, from resisting to accepting the work of Almighty God, Feng Jiahui’s change, in large measure, is attributed to the guidance of God. Through the vivid portrait of this character, we audience can clearly see the change of a preacher’s attitude toward The Church of Almighty God. At last Feng Jiahui, though arrogant and opinionated, awakes after Shen Zhongyan and Zheng Yongming fellowship with her about Almighty God’s word and then repents in tears of her resistance and condemnation to Eastern Lightning. At the end of the movie, from her prayer, we can truly feel her genuine repentance for her sins and sincere gratitude for God’s salvation to her.

In our life, when our interests are harmed, we, corrupted humans, will try every means to protect ourselves. However, through Feng Jiahui’s change, we can see a fact: No matter how high position and reputation we possess, only when we get off our high horse, abandon the old views and thoughts and become rational and humble to accept new things, can we have more and better gains. It is particularly important for our Christians, for only when we act like this can we have the opportunity to welcome the return of the Lord.

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Hey, I'm Mary. I’m pursuing to be a devout christian. May God bless us! May we all treat our life with God’s Words. Amen!

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Hey, I'm Mary. I’m pursuing to be a devout christian. May God bless us! May we all treat our life with God’s Words. Amen!