The Process of a Preacher Welcoming the Lord’s Coming(Part-3)

8 min readOct 11, 2019

After prayer, I saw God’s words say, “The Israelites saw only My mercy, love, and greatness, and the Jews witnessed only My patience and redemption. They saw only very little of the work of My Spirit; it may be such that their level of understanding was merely one ten thousandth of that which you have heard and seen. What you have seen exceeds even that of the chief priests among them” (“What Do You Know of Faith?”). I was amazed by these words.

The Bible records many deeds of the Israelites, like they following the pillar of cloud and fire and being led out of Egypt by Jehovah God. And it also records a lot about the work of Jesus. Since so many have been recorded in the Bible, then why does God still say that these are only one ten thousandth of what we have heard and seen today? Why does He say that what we have seen exceed that of the chief priests? As the chief priests served Jehovah God directly in the temple and faced Him every day; how can we surpass them? What is this all about? In my quest, I suddenly thought of the words of the Lord Jesus, “Truly I say to you, Among them that are born of women there has not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he” (Matthew 11:11). John the Baptist is the one who paved the way for the Lord Jesus; but in the Age of Kingdom, the least one is greater than him, and understands more than him. I hastened to read the following words, “This day, the truth you have understood surpasses theirs; what you have seen this day exceeds that seen in the Age of Law, as well as the Age of Grace, and what you have experienced surpasses even that of Moses and Elijah. For what the Israelites understood was only the law of Jehovah and what they saw was only the sight of Jehovah’s back; what the Jews understood was only the redemption of Jesus, what they received was only the grace bestowed by Jesus, and what they saw was only the image of Jesus within the house of the Jews” (“What Do You Know of Faith?”). I contemplated this piece of words carefully, “For what the Israelites understood was only the law of Jehovah and what they saw was only the sight of Jehovah’s back.” I remembered: Moses didn’t saw Jehovah’s face directly but only His back when He appeared to him in the Mount Sinai; the people of Israelites only understood Jehovah’s laws and decrees after He conveyed His will through Moses to them; and the Jews only understood and experienced the Lord Jesus’ work of redemption of crucifixion and saw His disposition of love and mercy. Today, I saw Almighty God’s words say, “What you see this day is the glory of Jehovah, the redemption of Jesus and all My deeds of this day. You have also heard the words of My Spirit, appreciated My wisdom, come to know My wonder, and learned of My disposition. I have also told you all of My management plan. What you have seen is not merely a loving and merciful God, but One that is filled with righteousness. You have seen My wondrous work and known that I am filled with fierce anger and majesty. Furthermore, you have known that I once brought down My raging fury upon the house of Israel, and this day, it has come to you. You have understood more of My mysteries in heaven than Isaiah as well as John; you know more of My loveliness and venerableness than all the saints of previous generations. What you have received is not merely My truth, My way, My life, but the vision and revelation greater than that of John. You have understood many more mysteries and have also seen My true countenance; you have accepted more of My judgment and known more of My righteous disposition” (“What Do You Know of Faith?”).

I suddenly understood why what we saw today exceed that of the chief priests. Because God has opened His hidden mysteries of six thousand years to us people in the last days. During these days, through two sisters’ testifying of God’s new work and my own reading of the words, I understood what was the lake of fire and brimstone, the bottomless pit, the new heaven and new earth, the kingdom and so on. I have understood so many mysteries and truths that I didn’t understand before; and these truths carry all God’s dispositions: God not only has the disposition of love and mercy, but also has the disposition of majesty and wrath. Doesn’t all this fulfill the prophecy that only the Lion of the tribe of Judah is able to open the seven seals? These truths also let me understand that the work of Jehovah, the work of Jesus, and the work of Almighty God are all done by the same one God. If God didn’t tell us His own work, no one could know about these. Not until then did I understood why God says that we understand more than Isaiah and John: Isaiah only knew God’s work in the Age of Law, John only knew Jesus’ work in the Age of Grace; but through reading these words today, I understand not only the work of Jehovah and the work of Jesus, but also God’s work in the Age of Kingdom. It is so true that what I understand exceed the chief priests, Moses, Isaiah, and John. If I still keep to the Bible, how can I know so many truths? These words are indeed God’s words. Only God is the truth, the way and the life, and only He can express truths to open the mysteries of six thousand years. That the Bible is God’s former work! I’m so blind and ignorant that I constrain God’s present work within the Bible and my imaginations and conceptions. The Pharisees used the laws of the Old Testament to condemn Jesus’ work, saying that as long as you were not called Messiah, you were not true God. And I, held on that God’s words are all in the Bible all these years, thinking that there is no His word outside the Bible. When God’s new work came upon me, I weighed up God’s new work according to the words of the Bible, and once I found it doesn’t accord with the Bible, I began to condemn and slander it. Aren’t my deeds the same as the Pharisees? Thinking here, I felt remorse and self-blame. Not until then did I know why, as recorded in the Bible, the Lord said that He never knew those who preached and worked in the name of Him, and He called them evildoers. During these years, not only did I cling to the Bible myself, but I implanted my notions in brothers and sisters, let them resist God like me, intending to thwart and disturb God’s work. I hated myself for I believed in God but didn’t know God. At that time, I knelt down with a flop on the floor and could not hold in my self-accusation anymore. My remorseful tears dropped down. I was choked with sobs kneeling before God, and could not speak for a while. Recalling that time after time when I resisted God these days, I was ashamed to come before God. After I cried for a long while, I clasped my hands and said in a quavering voice, “Almighty God! For so many years, I have held on that outside the Bible, there is no God’s word. When Your work came upon me, I didn’t have the slightest thought of seeking the truth, and I used the Bible to reject Your work and words. When the sister read Your words to me, I not only ignored them, but also resisted You with my notions, which were actually developed as a result of my holding on to the Bible. When she testified about Your work, I again confronted Your words with the scriptures, and once they didn’t accord with the Bible, I strongly denied these truths. Not only did I cling to the Bible, but I also brought brothers and sisters into the Bible and let them be in enmity to You. I am so blind! God! If it were not for Your tolerance and patience, such a rebellious man like me would not be qualified to come before you. Oh, God! I was so rebellious, but You didn’t treat me according to the sins I committed, and You gave me the chance and enlightened and led me again and again, allowing me to understand Your voice, know that Your words are not only in the Bible. And You let me know You are the returned Lord Jesus in the last days. Oh! God! Your words have opened my heart so that I no longer blindly believe in the Bible or worship it. Or I would still use the Bible to confine Your work. God! If you didn’t save me, I would still constrain Your work in the Bible like the Pharisees. If I were to continue on like this, the only outcome for me would be the same as the Pharisees — to be punished by You. Oh! God! Thanks for Your words that awaken my harden heart, let me recognize You in Your words, make the rumors of condemning and attacking You collapse by themselves, and enable me to know how difficult Your work of saving man is. Almighty God! I am willing to accept You as my Lord, and treat Your words as my life, and I am resolved to bring those brothers and sisters who still cling to notions and are deceived by rumors before You.”

Through more than twenty days of reading God’s words, I understood that the Bible only records God’s former work, that is, His first two stages of work. My more than ten years of reading the Bible didn’t bring me any change in disposition, but made me more arrogant. This experience made me truly understand that the Bible cannot give man life, or purify man. No matter how I read or recited the Bible, I was still unable to know God. Only accepting the words of Almighty God — Christ of the last days can my life and disposition be changed and purified, and at last can I come to know God. In God’s words, it can be seen that He speaks from different perspectives. From His consoling and exhorting words, I saw His disposition of love and mercy. From His words of judgment and chastisement, I saw His majesty and wrathful disposition. From His words of revelation, I saw His holy essence and that He has a side that does not tolerate offense from people. God Most High came from heaven to earth, and speaks from the perspective of a created being; he never flaunts or testifies about Himself. This made me see more clearly God’s humble and hidden essence. Only Almighty God’s words are the truth, the way and the life, and the only way for man to be saved. All the glory be to Almighty God!

The End.

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