To Whom Should We Listen When Investigating the True Way?(Part-1)

5 min readAug 26, 2019

By Ning Chen

Cui Yinglu is a devout Christian expecting to welcome the Lord’s return. Once, he listened to sermons in another city and unexpectedly he ran into Jin Minzhe, a friend who he hadn’t seen for years. More surprisingly, Jin Minzhe bore witness to him on the work of Almighty God in the last days.

Hearing the words of Almighty God, he thought these words came from God. Therefore he decided to examine carefully Almighty God’s work of the last days. On his return, he quickly told Pastor Zhang this great news and wished him to lead brothers and sisters to investigate the true way.

One day, having left Pastor Zhang’s house, Cui Yinglu was driving on the way home, feeling extremely depressed. Pastor Zhang’s words resounded in his ears again and again: “Brother Cui, you haven’t believed in God for a long time and your life is still small. Don’t listen to sermons at will outside. Just now you said that the Eastern Lightning is the Lord’s appearance and work and many brothers and sisters from various denominations have accepted it. But in my opinion, religious pastors and elders, who have a strong knowledge of the Bible and serve the Lord, still don’t accept it. How come this is the true way? Now the entire world of religion is condemning and boycotting the Eastern Lightning and guarding against them stealing sheep and treasures. Besides, even the CCP government is condemning and arresting the Eastern Lightning’s people. So I don’t suggest you investigate it.”

Holding the steering wheel, staring straight ahead, Cui Yinglu was pondering what Pastor Zhang said while driving. Just then Jin Minzhe gave him a call: “Brother Cui, where’re you now? I’m at your building.”

“Oh, Minzhe, it’s you. Wait a minute. I’ll come back soon,” Cui Yinglu answered.

Not a moment too soon, the speeding car brought Cui Yinglu home.

“Brother Cui, let me introduce, this is Brother Li Guangshuo. He is from China,” Jin Minzhe said, with a smile on his face.
“How do you do? Brother Li,” Cui Yinglu responded.

“Brother Cui, the purpose of our present visit is to talk more about the Lord’s return with you,” Jin Minzhe spoke to the point.
Looking worried, Cui Yinglu heaved a sign: “Alas! To be honest, I’m only just home from the house of Pastor Zhang and I’ve told him about my investigation of Eastern Lightning.”

Then he told what Pastor Zhang said to the two brothers in full detail, and said: “Alas! Now I’m very confused. Facing condemnation of the CCP government as well as religious pastors and elders, I don’t know whether I should continue to investigate Eastern Lightning.”

Hearing this, Jin Minzhe asked: “Brother Cui, I ask you a question first. Do we not believe in the Lord for the sake of being raptured into the kingdom of heaven when He returns? Now we hear the testimony that the Lord has returned to express the truth and do the work of judgment of the last days. According to the Lord Jesus’ words ‘And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes; go you out to meet him’ (Mat 25:6), we should be wise virgins, seek the truth and welcome the Lord’s return.”

Cui Yinglu nodded: “Well, yes, we actually should seek and investigate according to the Lord’s words. But …”

Li Guangshuo finished the sentence for him: “But pastors and elders don’t allow investigation and ask us to listen to their words as well as the CCP government’s words, right?” Cui Yinglu nodded. Then Li Guangshuo continued: “Brother Cui, you live in Korea and maybe you don’t know the CCP government very well. I have lived in China for years, and had some understanding of it. Frankly speaking, from the general practice of the CCP government, we can see that framing, fabricating, smearing and discrediting are its usual tricks. What it obeys is materialism and atheism. For Chinese people, to believe in and follow God is banned and what’s only allowed is to follow and worship it. When we believed in the Lord Jesus, we were condemned and persecuted. Also, the Bible was labeled as an evil cult book. During the Cultural Revolution, countless copies of the Bible from foreign countries were thrown into the sea by the CCP government. Nowadays, the CCP government gives orders to pull the Bible off the shelf forcibly from online stores including Jingdong, Taobao and Dangdang and so on in an attempt to make the Bible unavailable to Chinese Christians. In addition, many Christians are arrested, causing their families to be broken and destroyed. These facts all prove that the CCP government is a satanic regime that resists and opposes God. Tell me, should we believe the rumors and lies about believers from a satanic regime, which never admits God’s existence? If we consider the CCP government’s attitude when looking into the true way and welcoming the Lord’s return, is it in line with the truth? Isn’t it too ridiculous?”

Hearing their fellowship, Cui Yinglu felt a little uncomfortable. But he thought what they said really made sense and couldn’t be denied. So he said to them: “Your fellowship is clear. The CCP government doesn’t admit God’s existence but instead resists God, arrests and persecutes Christians. How can it possibly know which is the true way or false way? Now my decision about whether I should investigate the true way was based on its attitude toward Eastern Lightning. Don’t I lose my head? Alas! Such an opinion is actually absurd. I’m so stupid!” And then he embarrassedly scratched his head.

To be continue…

Source from: find the shepherd.
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