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6 min readMar 24, 2018

Gao Han

From the Bible, I learned that when God created the world, He created the heavens and earth and all things during the previous five days, and created humanity and various living things on the sixth day. After knowing this fact, I thought that I had known God’s creation and believed He is the only true God. Not until I read God’s words did I come to understand how God created, manages and rules all things. Especially when I saw God says, “God created all things and used His own methods to set the laws of growth for all things, as well as their growth trajectory and patterns, and also set the ways all things exist on this earth, so that they may live continuously and depend on each other. With such methods and laws, all things are able to successfully and peacefully exist and grow on this land. Only by having such an environment is man able to have a stable home and living environment, and under God’s guidance, continue to develop and move forward, develop and move forward” (God Himself, the Unique VIII). I realized that, every day, we enjoy the air, sunshine, as well as rain and dew created by God, eat all kinds of grains provided by Him, and witness the changes and transformations of the natural world with our own eyes, but we have hardly any knowledge of His will behind His creation.

God says, “Ever since God created them, based on the laws that He determined, all things have been operating and have been continuing to develop regularly. Under His gaze, under His rule, all things have been developing regularly alongside the survival of humans. Not a single thing is able to change these laws, and not a single thing can destroy these laws. It is because of God’s rule that all beings can multiply, and because of His rule and management that all beings can survive …” (“God Himself, the Unique IX”). From God’s words, I understand that God determined the laws for all things at the same time He created all things. Afterward, He still manages and rules them. Then I continued reading God’s words, and I got some knowledge of God’s will of determining these laws: In the past, we only knew that God created mountains, plains, deserts, hills, rivers and lakes. The vastness of plains often wins our great admiration, yet we have never known that the plains are the best living environment God prepared for us mankind, in which it is convenient for us to walk and work. Mountains are natural defenses God prepared carefully for our living environment. They can block the sudden fierce winds and gigantic waves and keep our homes from being attacked and destroyed. They also take on the mission of raising a variety of animals and plants, and, simultaneously, supply ideal habitats for various birds. You may be attached to the mountains inasmuch as they are shot through with great vitality, but detest deserts on account of their blistering heat and being barren. But in truth, deserts are specially prepared and arranged by God for regulating the temperature. Because of their existence, there is suitable temperature and climate for us to live. The rivers and lakes are sources of water God offered for our survival. With water to drink, we will have the guarantee of survival. … When the world began, God drew boundaries and set the laws for plains, mountains, deserts, and hills. If we break and change this laws by our own will, we will only bring disaster on ourselves. Take the construction of the Three Gorges Project in China for example. It has converted a great deal of plains into reservoirs and has triggered several earthquakes, mountain landslides, and other geological calamities. God’s determining these laws for all things is for us humanity to live a life of happiness and in good health for generation after generation. Thus, only by abiding by these laws can we live in peace and happiness. Just as God’s words, “This is how God manages all beings. It is to provide for mankind the best environment for survival. The living beings within all beings each have life-sustaining food within their own environments for survival. With that food, they are fixed within their native environment for survival; they are fixed in that environment. In that kind of environment, they are still surviving, multiplying, and continuing on according to the laws God has established for them. Because of these types of laws, because of God’s predestination, all beings interact harmoniously with mankind, and mankind and all beings are interdependent” (“God Himself, the Unique IX”).

From God’s words, I also understood that God not only gave mountains, plains, rivers, and lakes their scope, but also arranged different living environments for various birds and beasts, and other animals and all plants. The fish can’t live without water, while different kinds of birds are doomed to fly in the sky; Livestock such as cattle and sheep are reared by man, but wild beasts always live in the forest; Lions and tigers never swim in the water, whereas the fish in the sea never creep in the desert; We can live with dogs and cats, but no one keep elephants or snakes at home as pets. … When God created all things, He set the laws of their existence according to their function and attribute. So all things survive and multiply according to the laws. It is because of these laws that sorts of animals, plants, and human beings can live safely; It is because of these laws and God’s ordination that all things and humans are interdependent, which constitutes a beautiful and harmonious spectacle. It can be said that whatever God does, we humans are always the ultimate beneficiaries. Of late years, locusts’ attacking crops has occurred frequently, and tens of thousands of toads once appeared on the street, which brought great harm to our lives. This is all because these creatures’ homelands are destroyed. That is to say, once the laws God established for all things are damaged, we humans will be harmed in the end. … At that moment, I realized the reason why God saw that it was good after creating all things. Everything He bestows on us mankind is indeed the best. At that time, I truly experienced that the way in which God treats us humans is akin to how parents treat their own children. His heart and love need us to feel and experience with our hearts.

God says, “If you limit your understanding of God to just words, if you limit it to your own little experiences, God’s grace that you count, or your little testimonies to God, then I say that your God absolutely is not the true God. He absolutely is not the true God Himself, and it can also be said that the God you believe in is not God. This is because the God that I am speaking of is the One that rules over everything, that walks among everything, that manages everything. He is the One that holds the fate of all of mankind — the One that holds the fate of everything. The work and actions of the God that I am talking about are not just limited to a small portion of people. That is, it’s not limited to just the people who currently follow Him. His actions are demonstrated among all things, in the survival of all things, and in the laws of change of all things” (“God Himself, the Unique IX”). After reading these words, I realized that our previous understanding of God is only confined within the words of the Bible and limited range of vision. Now, when we have seen more and more His deeds, and felt more of His great, immeasurable authority and power, we won’t delimit Him within narrow bounds any more. Because innumerable facts prove that He is not just the God of all believers in the Lord, but also the God of all humankind, and, moreover, the God of all things and all living beings; He did not merely create all things, but has been supplying and managing them in particular methods, which makes us and other things restrain one another, and depend on one another, and furthermore allows man and all things to follow the laws set by Him and live under His blessings continuously. His wisdom is wonderful and unfathomable. His deeds are deeply mysterious. We should come out of the Bible and the stage of our ideas, so that we can truly know Him. By the time when we these understanding, we will feel that He is the One who supplies us with everything, and the only thing we have. And we will grow to have infinite gratitude and adoration for Him.

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