Do You Know Which Came First, Chicken or Egg?

By Zhao Jing

The chicken-and-egg question as to what came first is a mystery that has been debated endlessly through the ages. Until now, it is still unclear and confusing and very difficult to explain.

According to the twelve Chinese zodiac signs (which are used to characterize the years, and each one is an animal), 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. In this year, the chicken-and-egg question was debated heatedly again on online forums: “‘In the Year of Rooster, we got to discuss the topic about chicken — the chicken-and-egg question of which comes first?’ It is the Year of Rooster, so you have to figure it out. Today’s topic is the world’s ultimate mystery — which came to the world first, the chicken or the egg? Some scientists said the chicken came first, and then the egg, but some people refuted them by saying that the egg should come first because the first chicken must have been from an egg. …” Some said, “As for this difficult question through the ages, even many masters and sages could not answer it.” Some said, “There is much that we can learn from the Chinese characters. In Chinese, the word egg has been called Jidan from ancient times to the present, so I think the chicken must have come first, and then the egg.” Others said, “If every kind of living creature had come as an individual, and the chicken came before the egg, then how could the chicken reproduce itself? But if the egg came first, then how could the egg become the chicken? What a profound question!”

The Tencent Technology reported, “According to, the dispute over whether the chicken comes before or after the egg has continued for quite a long time. But what exactly is the truth? Now we have finally got the answer to this perplexing mystery through the ages. After the research upon a 77-million-year-old fossilized dinosaur egg, scientists announced the answer to this mystery is that the egg came before the chicken.” However, on July 14, 2010, reported: According to the report of the UK media, the chicken-and-egg mystery about which comes first that has beset humanity for centuries has finally been solved. Scientists in the United Kingdom said that the chicken came before the egg.

All the statements above seemed to be indisputable, but were refuted time and again. Even the scientists and biologists have carried out in-depth research on the mystery, but none of them can give a right and reliable answer. The chicken-and-egg question still besets generation after generation.

In fact, the question is easy to answer. If we want to find the accurate answer, firstly, we need to find the source of life. It is recorded in Genesis, “And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creeps on the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good” (Genesis 1:24–25). From this, we can see that it is God that created all things, and what God created were living creatures, so it is indubitable that the chicken came first. Although God’s words in Genesis have already given us a clear answer, the desire to explore mysteries dominates us to continually seek the answer. All along, I only had some doctrinal knowledge of the answer that the chicken came first, so I was still very curious about the question that had been debated for thousands of years, and always wanted to know more of the mysteries contained within so that I could get an exact answer. It was not until I saw a passage of words in a spiritual book that I found the true answer. The book says, “Tell Me: Is there anything that God does, regardless of whether it is a big thing or a small thing, that has no value or meaning? Everything He does has value and meaning. Let’s discuss this from a question people often talk about: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? How do you answer this? The chicken came first, that’s for sure! … It’s not a very profound mystery, but people of the world see it as very profound and use philosophy for their reasoning. In the end, they still don’t have a conclusion. It is like the case that man does not know the chicken was created by God. Man does not know this principle, and they also aren’t clear on whether the egg or the chicken should come first. They don’t know what should come first, so they’re always unable to find the answer. Then tell Me: Should the chicken or the egg have come first? It is very normal that the chicken came first. If the egg came before the chicken, then that would be abnormal! The chicken definitely came first. This is such a simple thing. It doesn’t require you to be very knowledgeable. God created all of this. His initial intention was for man to enjoy it. Once there’s the chicken the egg comes naturally. Isn’t that obvious? If the egg was created first, wouldn’t it still need the chicken to incubate it? Creating the chicken directly is so much easier. So God created the chicken directly, and the chicken could lay eggs and also incubate the baby chicks, while man could eat chicken too. Isn’t that so convenient? The way God does things is succinct and not cumbersome. The egg also has an ancestor, and that’s the chicken. What God created was a living thing! Corrupted mankind really is absurd and ridiculous, always getting entangled in these simple things, and in the end even coming up with a whole bunch of absurd fallacies. So childish! The relationship between the egg and the chicken is clear: The chicken came first. That’s the most correct explanation, the most correct way to understand it, and the most correct answer. This is right” (“God Himself, the Unique VIII). Thank God! This passage not only gives a clear answer to the chicken-and-egg question, but also fellowships that the reason why the chicken came first is that what God originally created were all living creatures. It has easily solved the mystery that has been laid out before human through the ages. God created the chicken, this is surely a fact. If the egg had been created first, God would have still needed to create a chicken to incubate it. Isn’t that superfluous? God never does things in a cumbersome way but rather succinctly. God first created the chicken, and then the chicken could lay eggs and incubate the baby chicks, while people could eat chicken too. This is the trifecta. Why do we insist that the egg should have come first? This shows the preposterousness and absurdity of mankind, and also that after being corrupted by Satan, we mankind has had Satan’s nature of denying and betraying God. It is precisely because of mankind not recognizing the creation of God that such an easy question has become a mystery through the ages. This is, it must be said, the sorrow of mankind.

The chicken and egg question has been explored and debated for thousands of years. All of the scientists, biologists, astronomers and physicists as well as chemists, regardless of how they have examined it, cannot give a true and clear answer. But, such a mystery that has puzzled mankind for so long has been answered just by a few short words in this book. Just as the book says: “Hence God is God, and man is man! Even if man keeps researching science and the laws of all things, it is only within a limited range, whereas God controls everything. For man, that is infinite. If man researches something very small that God did, they could spend their entire life researching it without achieving any true results” (“God Himself, the Unique VIII). This passage makes us see clearly a fact: God is the Creator, and only He understands the structure and principle of all things. If mankind doesn’t come before God, nor seek truth in His words, or see all things based on His words, then no matter what way people use to study and examine all things, they can never fathom the mysteries of them, but can only end up with regrets. Thus, if we want to truly understand all the mysteries, then we should come before God, and only this way can we get the answer. Instead, if we distance ourselves from God, attempting to know Him in the same way as we study science, then no matter how many years we spend researching, without the guidance of God, it is ultimately to no avail. People cannot even find the answer to such a question of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg,” after thousands of years of research, much less the answer to the mysteries that have a close bearing upon the existence, and the future destination of man. God created all things, and He also rules over all things. Only God Himself can reveal all of these mysteries. It seems that only by coming before God, reading more of His words, and accepting His leading and guidance can we mankind have all our questions and puzzle solved easily.

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